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November 2018
My goodness, I have nothing bad to say about Deborah! When I first called her, we chatted about basic things for nearly an hour and she just GOT me. We started our search, knowing it was soon but also not dire. My husband was able to tag along for a few but I did most of the work with her. We saw  almost 20 houses together and they were well planned and thought out. She was continually updating our profiles for needs and wants and always sent over great properties with these requirements. She was on top of messaging and calling and was quick with sellers and other realtors. Deb was always timely and listened to what we had asked of her. She would always give us guidance on whether a house was worth the showing so she wasted no time! The house we picked was just a drive by – but Deb helped us out SO much with this one! She was able to see it and help us understand it. She was able to negotiate to a spectacular price for the neighborhood and was able to help us during closing costs. She referred us to an AWESOME lawyer, and had some great people on her team help us during the whole process. She referred us to our whole team of people and it was so incredibly helpful. We are young and had no idea what we were doing. But with Deb’s guidance, assistance, care, kindness and genuine love for what she does, she was able to help us with the home buying process within 3 months!! I would go to her for selling, buying and any other recommendations you might need during this process! We love Deborah and definitely can’t thank her enough for putting us where we are! 
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