Meet The Team

Welcome! Deborah Hess is a top-producing residential real estate agent in Chicago, as well as a lifelong resident. After 25 successful years in Chicago real estate, and over $550 Million in sales, Deborah’s acquired knowledge spans all types of real estate transactions.

She has the uncanny ability to match properties and people. With an unparalleled network of seasoned Realtors, Deborah can pick up the phone and get the [inside information] about any type of property. Many homes she has sold several times through her repeat business, allowing her to provide unequaled insights.

To Deborah and the team of professionals that work with her, it’s never just a house or apartment. It’s more than a zip code or an address. When it’s right, a home is more than just the physical space where you live….it’s where you, and your family come to life.

Deborah and her team understand that buying a home is a serious commitment – a life decision – and a matter of the heart. And they help you weigh your options…perhaps balance your passion with a little objective logic. It’s the best way to help you find a home you can be deeply happy in for as long as you’re there.

Our Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Deb Hess & Partners to consistently provide the highest quality, most innovative and exceptional real estate service available anywhere in Chicago, and surrounding areas.

Our clients’ needs always come first. We will strive to always provide value far in excess of our clients’ expectations. Our constant goal is mutual respect, and long term relationships that are beneficial to all parties.

Our operation will be a great place to work and do business. We will be positive, helpful, and enthusiastic at all times – always focusing on solutions, not challenges. We will take care of business first and foremost, but have fun and enjoy ourselves in the process.

We will run a clean, organized, and efficient operation, and always adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethical business practices.

We will never rest on our accomplishments. We will constantly strive to create, develop, and implement new ideas, strategies, and services that will benefit our clients. We will continue to seek continuing education in all aspects of our business to increase the level of service we offer our clients.

Given the state of the current market and our economy, it is even more important for our Group to strive to give both Buyers and Sellers all the positive and realistic information about the home buying and selling process, and to utilize all the data at our disposal to support our positive outlook!

Core Values

  • Honesty & Integrity at all times and in all situations.
  • Continually improve our services to exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • Create and nurture a fun, exciting, creative and productive work environment.
  • Utilize state of the art technology to provide greatest exposure for listings, and most useful and up to date information to both Buyers and Sellers.
  • Work with only the most enjoyable and motivated clients and co-workers.

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