Staged Living Room

Be Inspired

Let the creativity get sparked and create a beautifully staged home! Take a look around at other open houses and get ideas on what works for your home and what doesn’t.

Be Organized

No one likes clutter! Remove it and tidy up the space. Clutter will only distract buyers and discourage them from envisioning their new life in your home.

Be Basic

Hide your polka dotted curtains from the 70s and maybe paint those bright red walls white. Neutrality is most promising when selling a home. Unique designs, colors, and furniture could appeal to some, but not all. Neutral finishes will allow for home buyers to imagine their future lives in your home.

Be Consistent

Common mistake…people stage the inside but completely forget about staging the outside! From the outside in, the entire house must be consistently staged and presented. Don’t forget the curb appeal when selling your home and fix the chipped paint or fix those broken gutters to boost your home’s appearance.

Be Willing

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money! Invest in the presentation of your home and you won’t regret it!

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