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Johanna W H – Ravenswood Manor/Gardens
December 2022
As a first time home buyers in the Ravenswood neighborhood we were nervous finding a realtor. It was a relief to find Deb and be in such capable hands. We hummed and hah’d for about a year while we got our ducks in a row, but once we were ready, it was a quick and easy process with Deb and her team. Something that I found particularly meaningful was that when I said that I was anxious about the process as a first time home buyer, Deb immediately got out her phone and five minutes later said she’d written the process out as a bullet pointed list. She proceeded to text it to me and I referred back that list many times! After lawyer and title company got looped in there was a long email chain of people to keep in the loop. Inadvertently some letters in one of our email addresses got swapped. Keep in mind that my husbands initials are JH and so are mine!! Our names are in-fact quite similar. An email went off into the inter-webs and found a different j Harper for whom this was of course quite annoying. We all worked to remedy the situation and it took a few tries, but we got there. He left a one star review for Deb, but it really came down to there being so many Harper j’s in the world! If that’s the only hiccup in buying a house then I’m amazed! For a first time buyer it was a breeze with Deb and Chris’s help! Thank you!
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