Incredibly Well Connected & Knowledgeable

Debbie has been great to work with. She helped us to enter the world of buying for the first time and was great in setting expectations for us and giving us different options. If you are interested in buying, be prepared to move fast, because Debbie will put you on the fast track. Debbie is incredibly well connected and knowledgeable, which was very helpful to remove our anxiety and get us hooked up with electricians, contractors and an attorney. A few years later, when we were ready to move to a single family home and sell our condo, she was our first choice of course. She did an awesome job with negotiation with the home’s sellers and we could lean once more on her expertise to get through the process smoothly. Whenever we went to an open house and the realtor asked and we mentioned that we were represented by Debbie Hess, she was always a known entity. Thanks for helping us move into our dream house, Debbie!

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